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If you’ve landed on this page, you might already have some basic knowledge about me, such as my name and profession. Nevertheless, I will provide a brief introduction about myself here.

Allow me to begin by recounting my teenage years. Like any other young individual, I had ambitious aspirations for my career. Following the conventional path, I completed my +2 (2nd PUC) with a focus on PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology) and secured a place in a Bachelor of Engineering program specializing in Electronics and Communications.

During my studies in engineering college, whenever I came across legal or social issues in the media, my curiosity and interest grew. One day, during a regular visit to Swapna Book House, I found a law book meant for the general public and purchased it. I read it within four days and thus began my journey of exploring law literature. It was simply a passion of mine during that time.

After completing my Bachelor of Engineering (BE), I secured a job as a Software Engineer in a well-known multinational company. I worked there for a few years, but my interest in legal matters remained unfulfilled. Making a significant decision in my life, I resigned from my software job and pursued a degree in LLB (Bachelor of Laws). Upon completion, I was fortunate to land an opportunity to work under a respected senior advocate.

In just two years, I gained extensive knowledge in various areas of law, including Property Law, Family Law, Quasi Criminal and Criminal Law, Labor Law, and Divorce Law. One day, my senior advocate encouraged me to start my own practice and assured me of his support in overcoming any challenges I may face. This boosted my confidence, and I embarked on my own legal practice.

After commencing my practice, I had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous companies as a penal advocate. This allowed me to further expand my expertise in areas such as Intellectual Property Rights, Cybersecurity, and Corporate and Company Law. The journey is still ongoing, with continuous learning and growth.

Currently, I am the founder of RSR Law Chambers and lead a team of four members. Our practice includes  both Civil and Criminal Law .

Apart from my professional pursuits, I have a passion for sharing knowledge and teaching. To fulfill this, I initiated a blog to educate people about legal matters and analyze social problems for the betterment of society. This provides a glimpse into who I am.

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